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Artist Statement

In my photography I blend an appreciation of the human spirit with  the natural world in a way that emphasizes the vital connections we all have with our environments.  This dynamic and crucial bond among people in interaction with the physical world is the focus of my work whether photographing nature or people in the settings they find most important.

I have been involved in photography since I was a teenager capturing motocross races, riders and crowds for a southeastern US motorcycle publication, doing outdoor portrait work, and capturing on film whatever caught my eye. Over the years, nature has become an increasing source of amazement and joy for me, a reminder of how I am just a part of a large and complex life system.  I bring that sense of wonder and joy to my work with people as well.  Photography enables me to expand my vision beyond the boundaries of the typical harried day to appreciate, with awe, the beauty and power of the larger world. I enjoy the fact that this work involves learning more about my subjects while I engage in the technical and artistic aspects of photography.

I strive to capture the wonder of a scene as it appeared to me and to convey some of the emotions that I experienced in that situation. I hope to share my own joy of living fully, promote awareness of context, nurture a growing appreciation of the small place we all occupy in this diverse life system and our connections to each other, and promote recognition of the role each of us has in its harmonious continuation.  I create photos that reflect events and scenes as I experienced them rather than use digital techniques to alter those images.

I am honored to have been able to share my work with diverse audiences around Wisconsin, New Mexico, Virginia, and well beyond.  In Wisconsin I exhibited my work through juried shows and exhibitions with the Coalition of Photographic Arts, Walker's Point Center for the Arts,  Spring City Photographers at Gallery 723, and the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center as just a few examples. In NM I was a frequent participant in Insight, the statewide juried show for women photographers;  ANMPAS; Bernalillo County exhibitions; and many others. I now make Richmond, VA, my home and look forward to making connections with new viewers and artists.  

beth with camera
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